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Liv Fresh Eatery & Catering

Catering Menus

Here at Liv Fresh, we strive to make your next event as stress-free, and delicious, as possible. 

Need some inspiration?​

We have provided some of our most popular go-to options for your convenience.

Want something special? 

We love a challenge and chance to be creative it the kitchen! 

We always take the utmost pride in customizing your special day as you see fit. We guarantee to leave your guests with nothing but the happiest of tummies!

**All prices subject to change. Pricing is per person and does not include applicable taxes or travel.**

Prices are subject to change due to COVID-19, product availability, and price increases.

Specific requests may be subject to additional charges.

24-48 hours notice minimum required.

Traditional Dishes​

Turkey Dinner

R​oast turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, 

seasonal roasted vegetables, 2 salads, buns

Roast turkey, mashed potatoes, roasted seasonal vegetables, 


Roast Beef Dinner

Tender roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, 

honey roasted carrots, 2 salads, buns


Ham Dinner

Roast ham, scalloped potatoes, seasonal

roasted vegetables, salad, bun​s

Roast ham, scalloped potatoes, roasted seasonal vegetables 


Stuffed Pork loin Dinner

Stuffed roast pork loin, baby roasted potatoes, 

seasonal roasted vegetables, salad, buns

This is a brief item description.



Roast Beef in jus

Roasted baby potatoes, seasonal roasted 

vegetables, 2 Salads, buns 

This is a brief item description.


Baked  Lemon & Herb Salmon

Salmon with lemon and herbs 

Roasted vegetable rice pilaf, 2 Salads, Sweet 

corn bread or buns


Grilled Chicken & 

Shrimp Skewer

Chicken and shrimp skewers, baked potatoes, 

marinated vegetables, salad, buns


Steak Dinner

8 oz new york steak, baked, or stuffed 

potatoes, seasonal roasted vegetables, salad, 

buns or garlic loaves

$26 average

price will fluctuate with beef 


Stuffed Chicken Breast 

Stuffed chicken, jasmine rice, seasonal roasted 

vegetables, 2 salads, garlic loaves.


Everyday Favourites

Sandwiches or wraps

variety of delicious wraps or sandwiches 

add house made soup or salads 



Pulled pork or beef on a bun​

Beef or pork, coleslaw, and pasta salad


Lasagna or Chicken Alfredo

Lasagna or penne alfredo, caesar salad and garlic 



Beef or chicken Stew

Stew, 2 salads, buns or garlic loaves